Green bean

We produce some of the best Arabicas and Robustas in the country, in Washed and Naturals offerings. Our coffees are shade grown in our own estates, among lush forests in a thriving ecosystem, teeming with biodiversity. We hand-pick the coffees and delicately process them to bring about the intrinsic romance in every cup. Every step of the cultivation, harvest and processing is handled with an utmost emphasis on sustainability.


Green bean

Washed Arabica Coffee Beans - Tata Coffee
Washed Arabica

Washed Arabicas

Focusing solely on the quality, our washed coffees not only reflect the science and art of cultivating and processing the perfect bean, but also highlight the distinctive intrinsic taste profile of the beans.

Washed Robusta
Washed Robusta

Washed Robustas

Our select high-quality cultivars offer you some of the best washed and flavourful Robustas from India.

Monsooned Green Beans - Tata Coffee


This unique specialty coffee involves exposing high quality natural coffees to the marine winds on the Malabar coast. The exclusive seasoning makes the beans swell in size, turn golden yellow and express mellow yet complex flavours of chocolate, caramel, nuts and malt intertwined with unique straw like flavours. The overall smooth, heavy and creamy mouthfeel with low acidity and mellow flavours are unique to this special preparation from India.

Flower Resized Quality Green Beans  - Tata Coffee
  • All our 19 estates are Rainforest Alliance certified for adhering to sustainable cultivation practices.
  • The SA8000 Standard established by SAI and one of the world’s pre-eminent social standards, is a tool for implementing international labour standards to protect workers along each of the supply chain.
  • Our coffee is grown by UTZ certified farmers who implement better farming practices, with respect for people and the planet.
Our Green Beans Estates - Tata Coffee



Our 19 estates are spread across 8000 hectares of lush, green forest land amongst misty hills and picturesque valleys. Originating from the foothills of the Western Ghats, the mighty river Cauvery carves her way through and into the estates, flowing into the south-eastern lowlands. It is no surprise that our estates are home to a host of native flora and fauna. All our estates are Rainforest Alliance, SA8000 and UTZ certified. Our operations span the entire value chain, from growing the coffee in our own estates to processing them at our ISO certified, dry milling and curing works in Coorg.

Our Green Beans Estates Small Image - Tata Coffee
Our Estates Map - Tata Coffee
Our irrigation facilities can contain over 3.34 million cubic metres of harvested rainwater, enough for 100% blossom and backing irrigation - Tata Coffee

Our irrigation facilities can contain over

3.34 million

cubic metres of harvested rainwater, enough for


blossom and backing irrigation

Water is an integral part of growing coffee right from irrigation to processing and packaging. Irrigation takes up about 90% of our water usage, which is why we have enhanced our irrigation practices based on scientific practices and optimized rainwater usage via water harvesting. To alleviate the impact of erratic rainfall, we have introduced sustainable irrigation practices. We have augmented our existing irrigation capacity to cover 100% blossom and backing water requirements of coffee, along with pepper watering. Proactive measures have been taken at various stages of the production process to optimise water usage. We are also constantly improving our water management practices to minimise usage.

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