Nestled between thick jungles beset with rich flora and fauna, our lush estates harbour some of the finest pepper in the country. We cultivate our pepper by utilising the native shade trees as natural standards for the pepper vines with some growing to over 10 metres high. We are known as one of the largest corporate producers of both black and white pepper in India. Our portfolio includes some of the best varieties of TGSEB, TGEB and MG1 (11.75, 11.5 and 10) grades of black pepper and A1, A2 & A3 grades of white pepper.

How we produce our pepper


Around 16 identified, location specific varieties of pepper are grown in our estates. We use only true-to-type mother plants for propagation, using the best quality manure made in-house for the pepper plants, under controlled temperature and moisture conditions. This process takes about 2-3 months before the saplings are ready to be planted in the field. All operations during this growing phase is scientifically based and closely monitored to produce the best quality pepper.


This process begins during the month of February and March. Every peppercorn in our estates is handpicked to ensure that only the best quality corns are chosen for processing. All our pepper varieties are UTZ, Rainforest Alliance and SA8000 certified.


Dried and washed peppercorns are carefully packed and transported to our ISO 22000 and Export Inspection Agency (EIA) certified unit located in Kushalnagar for further processing and grading. We provide shipments of our pepper all over the world.


We have nearly 1.8 million trees with pepper in our estates, each of them numbered and recorded of its species and location. One of the unique features of our estates is that our pepper is traceable right to the tree it originated from. This allows our customers to know the exact origin of the estate they are buying their pepper from.

The safety of our workers is of utmost priority to us - Tata Coffee


safety of our workers

is of utmost priority to us

The pepper vines in our estates grow up to an astounding height of 10 metres. Hence, it is essential to make the wellbeing of our workers our utmost priority. For this, we follow internationally recognized safety practices to safeguard our workforce from any unfortunate incidents while working at heights. Our Wildlife Cell ensures a peaceful coexistence between our people and the wildlife entering our estates.

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