World Famously yet Homely

World Famously yet Homely
Nullore Estate
World Famously yet Homely – Nullore Estate

Microlot from Block 19 in Nullore Estate became the first ever Indian origin coffee to be selected for the Starbucks Reserve Range.

Walking at a height of 900 mtr where the clouds come floating , the loudest sound you hear is your heartbeat and you are at Nullore Estate in Madikeri, here the largest Arabica Estate in the region thrives. A slice of land where nature brews her own cup under the two tier shade of tall trees.

The Nullore Estate is one of the finest examples where nature comes full circle. Leaf dropping of shade trees, coffee fruit skin and other agricultural waste go back to the soul as compost and nature works her magic to bring out the highest quality of magical Arabica beans. These prized beans are selectively handpicked and they undergo careful processing, while preserving the inherent quality.

In 2016, a microlat from Black 19 in Nullore Estate became the first ever coffee of Indian origin to be curated at the Starbucks Reserve. This exceptional micro lot came from a block thriving with vibrant flora and fauna with the coffee nurtured by dual canopy shade tree and nestling fruit bats.

Nullore Estate
Coorg, Karnataka
Altitude: 750 – 910 mtr 
Area: 390 Hectare
Terrain:  Level land/well drained, friable, humus, slightly acid and near to neutral in reaction. 
Varieties of Coffee: 
Arabica & Robusta
Strain: Arabica: S.795,
S.4345, HDT *Cat. :
Robusta: Peredenia, S274