A day in the life of a Tata Coffee customer

A day in the life of a Tata Coffee customer
Mylemony estate
A day in the life of a Tata Coffee customer - Mylemony estate

We at Tata Coffee have always strived to offer our customers visits that go beyond the operational facets of our estates and immerse them in an enriching coffee experience. A recent visitor discovered this for herself on a 2-day trip filled with activities, cultural encounters and plenty of excitement at the Tata Coffee Mylemoney Estate. Situated at an altitude of 1220 metres in some truly picturesque mountain ranges, the estate boasts of premium, shade-grown Arabica and Robusta coffee that will have any coffee enthusiast swooning.

A trip like no other:

Our guest’s trip was placed ideally in January, the start of picking season! Her first impression of the estate involved astonishment as she thought she was at the heart of a dense forest because she had never seen coffee plants growing in dense and abundant shade - a testament to one truly unique element of Tata Coffee – shade-grown produce. The estate is full of coffee plants amidst exotic trees and indigenous trees like Silver Oak, ficus racemosa, rosewood etc.  that have been standing tall for the last 70 years and more, thanks to the sustainable practices followed by us. The estate is known for producing one of the unique coffee varieties called the Kents coffee, a rare Arabica coffee dating back to the 1920s that has led to the birth of several other coffee varieties.

What does Mylemony have to offer:

Her visit commenced with a briefing on the history of the organisation and that of the estate through carefully preserved and archived heritage images. She was taken through the various coffee growing and processing techniques and methods followed at Tata Coffee. She could see for herself how the green beans are produced. Not just that, she was also intrigued by the number of trees growing and thriving alongside the coffee plants. Our guest, along with the estate team, also spotted some rare exotic birds in the estates. She complimented the estate team and the organisation for having created a sustainable eco-system where everyone thrived together – the coffee plants, trees, birds, animals and the community, something that is not very commonly seen – all credits to the sustainable initiatives taken by Tata Coffee that has made this possible.

After the general estate visit and a sneak-peek into the coffee processes, a visit to Bhadra sanctuary was arranged for the guest. The group was lucky to have spotted leopard, Malabar giant squirrel, jungle fowl, sambar, spotted deer and peacocks. Apart from the sanctuary, she was given the local flavour of the place through the delicious cuisine and the Indianised version of coffee, filter coffee!

A promise of more:

Our guest also got a glimpse of the cultural nuances of the place as her visit fell right during the Republic Day celebrations. Our estate team made sure she did not miss the chance of witnessing celebrations undertaken at the estate.

Her delight knew no end and she looks forward to returning for a longer stay in the future. We look forward to her return and sharing this experience with all our guests to create wonderful memories for them as well.