Tata Coffee Ltd., Asia's largest integrated coffee and producers of the world's finest coffee are the third largest player in the Industry . This is a natural extension from the Instant Coffee Division, India's first export oriented soluble coffee, which has loyal and satisfied customers all over the world.

Fits anywhere

Jiffy coffee and tea vending machines have been designed for convenient use in the office, factory, retail outlets, educational institutions, cafeterias or any other commercial establishments. Jiffy promises you the pleasure of blended brew and service of the best quality at a competitive price.

Every-ready customer service

Jiffy is designed specifically keeping in mind user preferences and promises to give years of trouble free service. Jiffy is installed by our engineers and a programme to personally train staff in the operation and care of the machine is also made available for convenience.

Hygiene is paramount

Our coffee, tea and diary whitener premixes are the perfect blend, as they are carefully selected, tasted and tested under strict quality procedures.

Product range

Tata Coffee brings you the freshness of the world's best coffee in

A. Coffee premix

  • 100 per cent pure - Tata Café
  • Chicory blend - Tata Kaapi
  • Coffee premix without sugar - Tata Kaapi without sugar

B. Instant tea

  • Plain
  • Cardamom
  • Lemon

C. Tetley Tea bags

  • Plain tea bags
  • Flavoured tea bags (Peach, Ginger, Earl Grey, Masala)

D. Dairy whitener

  • Normal sugar
  • Low sugar
  • Sugarless

E. Badam premix

F. Hot Chocolate drink

G. Tomato soup

H. Roasted coffee beans are also available for vending machines

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Instant coffee: Freeze dried
Instant coffee: Agglomorated
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