Coffee earned India 20% more in '06 at $405 mnAdd to Clippings

January 2, 2007
The year 2006 has been a good one for coffee exports. In terms of permits issued in tonnes, 2006 saw a hike of almost 24% in quantum. The Coffee Board issued shipment-permits for 2,52,862 tonnes in 2006 (2,06,235 in 2005).

Exporters are allowed more than a month's time to file figures for confirmed shipments. As of now, over 91% of the total figure for 2006 shipment-permits issued has been confirmed.

The realisations from the 2006 confirmed shipments figure of 2,30,304 tonnes are $405.08 million, almost 20% up from the confirmed shipment realisations of $335.90 million for 2005.

Once the final figure of confirmed shipments for 2006 comes in-over 98% of permits issued for 2005 was confirmed-the realisations are expected to be well over 20% higher.

Out of the 2006 figure of 2,52,862 tonnes for permits issued, Indian coffee accounts for 2,19,269 tonnes, with the balance of 33,593 tonnes being made up of re-exported coffee, meaning imported beans to which value has been added--usually through conversion into instant coffee--before being shipped abroad.

Out of the 2006 confirmed shipments figure of 230,304 tonnes, Indian coffee acounts for 202,205 tonnes, with the balance of 28,099 tonnes being made up of re-exported coffee.

Going by the '06 confirmed shipments figure of 2,30,304 tonnes (which includes both Indian and re-exported coffee), India's leading exporter for calendar 2006 is General Commodities Pvt Ltd, followed by Allana Sons, CCL Products (India) Ltd, Olam Exports (India) Ltd, Nestle India Ltd, Hindustan Lever Ltd, Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Ltd, Tata Coffee Ltd, Ned Commodities (India) Ltd, and ITC Ltd, in that order.

However, going by the confirmed shipments figure of 2,19,269 tonnes for Indian coffee alone, the leading exporter is General Commodities, followed by Allana, Olam Exports, Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading, Hindustan Lever, Ned Commodities, ITC, Tata Coffeee, SLN Exports, and Ramesh Exports.

The biggest 2006 exporter of re-exported coffee is CCL Products (India) Ltd, follwed by Nestle India Ltd, Tata Coffee Ltd, and Hindustan Lever Ltd, in that order.

In terms of confirmed '06 shipments of 230,304 tonnes (inclusive of both Indian and re-exported coffee), Italy remains the biggest export market, followed by Germany, the Russian Federation, Belgium, Spain, Slovenia, Ukraine, Japan, France and Greece, in that order.

In '06, Germany has replaced Russia as the second biggest market for coffee shipments out of India. Belgium has replaced Spain as the fourth biggest market. Japan has replaced Greece as the eighth biggest market. France has replaced Finland as the ninth biggest market.