Tata Coffee Launches Mr. Bean Coffee Junction

  • Opens in Coimbatore its first stand-alone outlet, which combines roast and ground coffee sales with vending and retailing all under one roof.
  • Will feature Coffee Databank - database of personalized taste and preferences of customers.
  • Plans to open similar such outlets in various other cities in South India

Tata Coffee Limited, Asia's largest Coffee Plantation Company, today announced the launch of Mr. Bean Coffee Junction in Coimbatore for aficionados and true connoisseurs of coffee. The Coffee junction is set to revolutionize coffee retailing in India by not only offering consumers the convenience of buying fresh roast and ground branded coffee according to their favorite coffee blend, but also a place that offers a modern coffee shop experience at a value for money price.

This is one of several such outlets that Tata Coffee plans to roll out across several key markets in South India. The first phase of expansion will see these innovative junctions coming up in Chennai, Trichy, Visakhapatnam and Bangalore.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. M. H. Ashraff, Managing Director, Tata Coffee Limited, said, "The objective of Mr. Bean Coffee Junction will not only be to transform coffee retailing in the country but also to provide consumers quality coffee customized to their favorite blend and preference. This is in keeping with the focus of Tata Coffee on its major thrust areas of vending, roast & grind outlets and coffee brands. Mr. Bean Coffee Junction is a step taken towards making Tata Coffee a truly enterprising and brand-driven FMCG company."

"I am sure this place will offer a great new opportunity to this coffee loving city to relish their favourite beverage at an affordable yet modern setting. The unique format and value added services, we hope, will go a long way in enhancing the experience of the avid coffee drinker," Mr. Ashraff added.

The significant feature of Mr. Bean Coffee Junction, its first standalone coffee outlet in the country, will be the customers databank, where profiling of the consumers personal taste is captured ensuring that the consumers data base of favorite blends and preferences is maintained. This would enable the outlet to provide highly personalized and customized service to the customer every time.

The urban consumer today seeks an experience by placing a premium on brand, quality, and more importantly on personal choice and preference. Mr. Bean Coffee Junction is an outlet with a difference, which meets such demands for high-quality and customised coffee. The consumer not only has the choice to choose from a range of quality coffees like Pea Berry, Plantation and other quality coffees but also the option of tasting their personalized blend prepared through high quality filter coffee machines. Such a concept is truly a first in coffee retailing in India.

About Tata Coffee
Tata Coffee is Asia's largest integrated Coffee Plantation Company and the largest grower - exporter of green coffee from India. Tata Coffee is the second largest exporter of instant coffee in the country and exports to countries in Europe, Asia and North America. The company has recently acquired Eight 'O clock coffee company a segment leader in the US retail market for US $ 220 million.

Established in 1922 as Consolidated Coffee Estates Ltd., the company was renamed Tata Coffee Limited in the year 2000. Today the company has successfully transformed itself from a pure plantation and coffee exporting company to a brand oriented FMCG company with keen focus on retail.

Apart from the traditional areas of business like growing of coffee, tea, pepper, cardamom, coffee curing, estate supplies, timber, the company has successfully ventured into branded coffee through Mr. Bean, Out-of-Home beverages retail through Tata Café Jiffy and Mr. Bean Coffee Junction and niche hospitality through its Plantation Trails, making it a truly integrated coffee company.