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Tata Coffee's Instant Coffee Division is India's first export-oriented soluble coffee manufacturer. The company has two 100 per cent EOU (Export Oriented Units) Instant Coffee manufacturing units, with an installed capacity of 5600 tons per annum, producing spray dried and agglomerated instant coffee. It has since added a freeze dried coffee manufacturing facility which is another EOU with an installed capacity of 2000mt per annum.

Tata Coffee's soluble coffee plants use modern technologies to give its consumers the best product their money could buy.

The unit has a glorious past and has won many achievements and recognitions. Recent achievements include top exporter of soluble coffee from India to Russia and CIS countries and top exporter of Indian origin coffee and IS0 22000 certification for it's Theni plant.

Tata Coffee has various blends developed to suit the myriad tastes of consumers across various countries. The company has pure Robusta, pure Arabica and Robusta-Arabica mixes to offer.

Tata Coffee has developed various coffee chicory mixes that afford an unbeatable price customers cross the world.

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Instant Coffee manufacturing units

The Toopran unit, located near the city of Hyderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh, is an ISO- 9001: 2000 certified factory. This facility is equipped to manufacture spray dried and agglomerated instant coffee.

This factory was initially set up with Brazilian technology to produce spray dried instant coffee. The aroma add-back system was introduced in 1997 and in 2001, the agglomerated plant was set up with technology from Denmark.

To enhance the soluble coffee exports to meet the increasing demand, Tata Coffee in the year 2004 acquired a 3000 tpa instant coffee plant at Theni, near Madurai, in the state of Tamil Nadu. The Theni unit is ISO 22000 certified.

Apart from spray dried and agglomerated coffees, additional capacities have been created to manufacture freeze dried coffee. A state-of-the-art freeze dried coffee plant has been set up with technology from E&E, Germany.

In its quest to be accessible to European and African markets in the area of soluble coffee, the company is in the process of setting up an instant coffee unit in Uganda



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