Areas of business

Tata Coffee is arguably the largest integrated coffee plantation company in the world. Tata Coffee has a hand in every aspect of the coffee making process, with business activities ranging from growing and curing of coffee and tea to the manufacture and marketing of value-added coffee products. Tata Coffee grows coffee on its own estates, processes the beans, exports green coffee, manufactures and exports Instant Coffee and retails coffee with its own branding in the domestic market.


Tata Coffee owns 19 coffee estates located in ideal coffee growing highlands of Southern India, with fertile soils and invigorating climate. Spread over 8037 hectares in Coorg, Chickmaglur and Hassan districts of Karnataka and in Valparai district of Tamil Nadu, Tata Coffee produces 10,000 metric tonnes of natural shade grown Arabica and Robusta coffees, in both washed and unwashed forms.

These estates are located at various altitudes, and the coffee produced possess distinct cup characteristics.

Tata Coffee's uniqueness lies in its ability to produce large quantities of estate specific, strain specific, speciality and premium coffee, while maintaining strict consistency in quality. Apart from coffee and tea, pepper and cardamom are also grown as inter crops on its estates.

Monsoon Malabar, Mysore Nugget Extra Bold, and Robusta Kappi Royale are three of the prominent specialty grades of Indian coffee it grows and processes apart from estate specific coffees. Mr. Bean, a quality Roast & Ground product made from the finest coffee beans at its plantation.

Coffee curing
The company has the largest curing facility in the country at Kushalnagar with an installed capacity of 20,000mt. The coffee is cured in the company's state-of-the-art curing facility at Kushalnagar in Kodagu district. It has been awarded the prestigious certificate of approval for quality ISO-9002 through certification by Bureau Veritas Quality International, Netherlands. This unit is the first curing facility in India to receive ISO-9002 certification.

The company also owns 7 tea estates which spans 4755 hectares in Coorg and Chickmagalur districts of Karnataka and Annamalais district of TN and produce 7.5 million kilograms of tea.

Estate supplies
Tata Coffee also deals in plantation requirements such as fertilisers and chemicals, estate implements, and tyres and tubes through it's Estate Supplies Division

Instant Coffee
Tata Coffee also has the capacity to produce 8500 metric tonnes of Instant Coffee per annum, for which it has a sizable export market. International Tata Café, Mysore Gold and Malabar are the popular Instant Coffee brands which are exported

Tata Cofee has abundant reserves of timber, which is grown for shade. The company's timber resources on its estates include Rosewood, Silver Oak, and other softwood trees.


The Coorg district of Karnataka, India, is one of the main coffee-growing regions in India and the main plantation operations of Tata Coffee are around Pollibetta, in the Southern part of Coorg. The company owns 19 coffee estates and 7 tea estates located in the districts of Coorg, Hassan and Chickmagalur, including one recently acquired coffee estate and five tea gardens in the Annamallais region of Tamil Nadu. The coffee grown on these estates are naturally grown, in a mixed shade of two tiers. The plantation's head office is at Pollibetta, Coorg, Karnataka.

Instant Coffee
Tata Coffee has two Instant Coffee manufacturing facilities, one at Toopran near Hyderabad and the other at Theni near Madurai in Tamil Nadu. The combined installed capacity of these two plants is 8500 metric tonnes.

Corporate office
The company's marketing and corporate functions are based out of it's corporate office located in Bangalore.

The company's shares are listed in the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Mumbai.